Owning A Property

The costs of a property maintenance

The costs of maintaining a property in Spain is much lower than in our country, regardless of whether it is an apartment or a villa. In the case of an apartment that has two bedrooms and a living room, with the area of about 60 m2, located in the housing estate with the swimming pool, the rent will be from EUR 30-60 per month, paid every 6 or 12 months.

However, in exclusive and high-class properties, with several swimming pools, large tropical gardens and the spa complex, situated in exceptional locations , the rent can be up to EUR 100-150 a month . Price of rent is mainly determined by the size and quality of the common parts, i.e. gardens and pools, the number of elevators in buildings , the presence of guards, etc.

In properties the type of own house with the allotment there is no rent, unless the property is located in the housing estate and has common parts.

For the above-mentioned costs , there is still an annual property tax, the so-called:” IBI”.

The tax amount is determined by the local municipal authorities individually for each property (depending on a property size and location). This tax is payable once a year, in October. It is between EUR 200 to 400 per apartment and up to EUR 600 per house .
Electricity bills are paid every 2 months in Spain and water bills every three months, the average electricity bill in Spain being around EUR 20 a month (2 persons ) and if using the air conditioning, it is about EUR 35.