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07800 Ibiza, Baleary, Hiszpania

For Sale

€ 2.500.000

Property Description

This fabulous villa combines contemporary style with Ibizan architecture. 
Large corridors with windows reflect sunlight. 
The intimate and large dining area is surrounded by a glass corner overlooking the sea and the pool and inside the villa design is open to maximize the views. 
The pool overlooking the uninterrupted sea and the entrance is like the entrance to the beach descending gradually to the depth. 
The bedrooms and living room are designed with a very modern, original, and elegant touch, all in steel and wood, furniture, and art collection in the master bath while taking a shower or a relaxing bath we can see the sea.
All the windows offering stunning views of the sea and the coast of Alicante. 
The design house of his own architect and homeowner takes advantage of the natural currents of the sea breeze. The site is quiet, residential and luxurious, very well connected to everything you need: beaches, shops, restaurants, entertainment, golf ...
5 bedrooms ,
4 bath 
500m2 house 
1350 m2 plot

Contact Agent

Barbara Monika Curmi


Property Details

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Property Location

07800 Ibiza, Baleary, Hiszpania

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