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Discover Benissa and Moraira by hiking, Beautifull Costa Blanca

Hiking is one of the most beautiful activities that exist. It is not an exaggerated phrase and we will show it to you. For many, it is the way to stay in shape and for some others, a passion that allows them to enter fantastic places and, touristically, often little known.

In Benissa and Moraira, hiking is one of those pleasures that you discover when you realize that they are villages that go far beyond their fantastic beaches and coves.

A characteristic of sea and mountain that they share with most of the towns that run along the coast of the northern Costa Blanca.

However, in Benissa and Moraira, more than in other places, walking excursions have acquired a cultural and social weight due to the undoubted beauty of their surroundings.

The best walking tours in Benissa and Moraira, both on the Costa Blanca North.

But before describing some of the exciting routes you should not miss, we would like to highlight some of the good and rewarding reasons that hiking brings. Or simply walking, because sometimes the words confuse and one may think that going out on excursions means a lot of effort. And this is the only way if one travels long paths.

Sometimes, a simple walk is more than enough to know amazing places and beautiful places that allow us to disconnect and recharge the batteries, which is one of the great goals of physical activity. However, the benefits go much further than that. Among them:

Get in shape (and lose weight), Breath pure air., Relieves back pain, Reduces high blood pressure (prevents heart disease)

It can be done with children since it is totally compatible with the family because of its ease of adaptation (of difficulty level) to our circumstances.

These are the arguments that most people come to mind, especially when one does a little exercise and meets that friend or family member who encourages them to play sports. And go for a walk, no matter what they say, is to play sports. And very healthy. Not only for our body but also for our mind. Here are a few psychological benefits:

Walking reinforces some aspects of our mind, such as memory, planning or the ability to react to unexpected situations. It's proven, it's not cheap verbiage.

It is a fantastic socialization tool. Either because it is practiced in a group or in entities that organize excursions, hiking socializes. Even if you want to do it alone, it's easy to find people along the way you can easily relate to.

Being in contact with nature we will be closer to feel that inner peace that will relax us to face again the challenges we have ahead.

If practiced regularly, you gain confidence and each time we will feel better with ourselves (and it will be noticed in our daily performance).

All exercise produces an increase in the production of endorphins, which is a substance that generates the brain and has to do directly with pleasure and help to fall asleep. Who makes hiking is (or is closer to being) positive and optimistic

Finally, thanks to all these mental benefits, naturally, our state of mind will improve substantially, making us more open to others and less irritable

Routes through Benissa and Moraira there are for all levels and for all tastes. At ModernHouseSpain we fall in love with these towns for that combination of sea and mountain that seduces you and invites you to live. Therefore we decided to undertake a project of exclusive villas in this land. And as we know it, but without it being the definitive guide, we want to bring you some interesting routes.

We propose three of them for each village, distinguished by difficulty. Because we know from experience that whoever wants, without excuses, can go for a walk and discover precious paths that will allow you to get some (or all) of the benefits mentioned.

These six routes are our chosen ones, but there are many more. If you like hiking, in Benissa and Moraira you have plenty of routes which will allow you to enjoy the countryside you wouldn’t be able to discover if you weren’t on foot. Another reason to discover the northern Costa Blanca from a different perspective.

Enjoy !!!!

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