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History, Art, Culture Costa Blanca,Spain

The climate is splendid, but it isn’t the only charming thing about the Costa Blanca. Its history, art, culture and, above all, its gastronomy, attract people from all over the country and abroad who want to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere that makes you really feel at home, wherever you come from.

The cultural diversity of the past has made a tremendous impression on the abundance of places to explore and the beautiful views to marvel at. It is therefore literally impossible to get bored in the Costa Blanca, seeing as it has an extensive route of castles and more than one hundred fortresses to visit and discover their history; many of which have been declared Bienes de Interés Cultural (Historic Heritage of Cultural Interest). There are also museums close by, in Alicante, there is the ArchaeologicalMuseum (MARQ) and the Museum of Contemporary Art, for example, not to mention other fascinating places in the region such as the Casa Modernista (Modernist House-Museum) of Novelda and the María Magdalena Santuary. The World Heritage Sites shouldn’t be missed either: the Misteri d´Elx (mystery play of Elche), the Palm Grove of Elche or the Rock art of the Iberian Mediterranean Basin, are just a few of the numerous natural and architectural wonders of the area.

Apart from the wealth of culture and heritage that makes the Costa Blanca so special, it is also pleasing to the palate as it is distinguished for its gastronomy. If the beaches and the monuments attract tourists, the food captivates them forever. And the best of all is that it is a healthy food, which complements the healthy lifestyle that prevails in this place and in its customs.

There is a considerable range of exotic restaurants of all kinds and prices, both for those who want a simple, good quality menu, in terms of taste; and also for those who have more demanding palates to be satisfied. Quality can be discerned in all of them, in the service provided, in the attention received, in the freshness and the quality of the ingredients used. There is something for everyone among the flavors on offer: paella and other rice dishes, fish, seafood and meat too. They are all cooked using a combination of styles that are influenced by the region’s cultural diversity: Moorish, Mediterranean and agricultural.

And after a healthy and well-balanced meal, you can do a bit of exercise for a more active and positive lifestyle. It’s ideal for anyone who loves hiking, snorkeling, or scuba diving. A round of golf, football, windsurfing, and horse-riding are other enjoyable options available here too.

So, the Costa Blanca is the perfect place for anyone who wants a peaceful home: it’s comfortable, warm, relaxing and bright; there are numerous options to have fun and all kinds of projects to embark upon because it is a promising land of prosperity thanks to tourism.

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