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Everything you need to know about life in Spain :)

If you’ve not yet made the decision to leap into a new life and buy yourself a property in Spain, then take a look at some of the benefits below. You may be surprised that more people don’t talk about them!

Learning a new language

Acquiring a new language helps with your concentration, boosts your problem-solving skills, improves your memory and helps you acclimatize to your new life in a way that is both fun and challenging. If you bring up your children as bilingual it can boost their skills, improve their job prospects and gives them an open-minded perspective on the world.

Embracing a new culture

Getting stuck in a rut? Make the bold decision to live life adventurously. The Spanish culture offers lots of positives including the afternoon siesta which splits your working day in half and gives you time in the sun for leisure and relaxation. The Spanish love a party. Fiestas are a way for them to celebrate their history, culture and to bond and socialize. The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world and the mixture of sea and sunshine means there is plenty of local produce for you to get your teeth into.

Finding new hobbies

The Spanish live life outdoors. And why shouldn’t they? There is every terrain imaginable from craggy mountains to flat plains. There are lakes, rivers and the Mediterranean Sea with its beautiful beaches. So whether you’re keen to try sailing, snorkeling, volleyball, tennis, hiking, mountain biking, golf or even skiing, you’re sure to find an area that has top-quality facilities. Even if you’re not feeling up for a new physical challenge, many communities have groups, clubs, and excursions to offer newcomers.

Meeting new friends

Spanish people are traditionally warm and open. Many of the communities, especially around the coast, are used to international settlers and welcome expats from a range of cultures and backgrounds. The Spanish culture of eating and drinking outside well into the evening makes for a sociable lifestyle.

The health benefits

The Mediterranean lifestyle is famous as one of the most healthy in the world. And that’s not just because of the food and exercise. The mixture of saltwater and sunshine can improve long-term medical conditions like asthma or arthritis. There is also a great health service that is easy and either cheap or free to access.

Quality time

The Spanish value free time and relationships above work and wealth. It’s a given that you’ll prioritize your family over working overtime and people of all ages and abilities mix socially on a regular basis. The rhythm of life is relaxed and according to the OECD, Spaniards typically devote at least a quarter of their day to leisure pursuits like socializing or hobbies.


The Spanish government offers retirees a long-stay visa called a residence visa, And all you need to do to get it is prove you are able to support yourself without working. With the cost of living being relatively low, many people can live well on a pension fund in most places in Spain. Add in the sunny climate, good living, free health care, accessible facilities, and sociable culture and you have an attractively winning combination.

Cheaper cost of living

Spain is a large and diverse country. Some areas are obviously more expensive than others but overall the cost of living in Spain is well beneath that of any Northern European counterpart. The housing stock tends to be modern but affordable, local produce means eating well is inexpensive, and high-quality regional wines are available without the additional costs of import tax or haulage many Northern Europeans are used to paying. However, it’s worth noting that prices for electricity and gas vary hugely and electrical goods and cars can be nail-bitingly expensive. But if you are prepared to embrace the Spanish experience and forego shopping for international brands then you can live like a king on a pauper’s budget.

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