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Spain – Homeland bullfighting and flamenco

Spain – Homeland bullfighting and flamenco,

do not need to advertise – tempting warm climate fairy-tale landscapes, magical

places where everyone can find what they are looking . Excellent cuisine , fragrant orchards of orange sun rolling on the lawns in the groves , exotic vegetation and ancient olive trees . It is hard to imagine ! ! In terms of diversity of landscapes and wildlife Spain is second to none . Spanish coastline dotted with large sand dunes, coastline covered with small pebbles , rocky cliffs, salt marshes and vast sandy beaches.

Contrary to popular opinion, is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Europe . In addition to traditionally identified with the country of bullfighting , flamenco and red wine, Spain surprising difference of traditions in the provinces . Counted back in the 70’s to the poorest and most backward countries , has become , after twenty years of consistent reforms fifth economic power of Europe. From the 60’s Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe , visited her every year about 60-70 million tourists from all over Europe and the USA. The magnet that attracts tourists is particularly climate and beaches Hiszpanii.22 of the 50 provinces of Spain has access to the sea. The most popular holiday regions are: Costa del Sol , Costa Blanca , Costa del Azahar , Costa de Luz , Costa Dorada, Balearic and Canary Islands .

However, the country has much more to offer its visitors besides sunbathing and sightseeing , as it is in Switzerland , Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe . It is here in the north there are extensive chains of the Cantabrian Mountains and in the south , along the Mediterranean coast , rise the peaks of the Sierra Nevada and on the border with France Pyrenees . Therefore, not only sunbathers have something for everyone this here amateur skiing and hiking enthusiasts have a bit of skiing .

Not without reason the section between Valencia and Alicante in the north called White Coast . It is here that are glistening white beaches and extensive groves of orange, lemon and almond . In the spring the air is saturated with the scent of flowering trees . The sandy beaches of the Costa Blanca SA ideal for swimming , sunbathing and water sports. On the Costa Blanca attracts tourists known seaside resorts , including Torrevieja , Benidorm, Xabi , Denia and Alicante . Here are three international airports : Alicante , Valencia and San Javier (Murcia)

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